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Daily Decisions Determine Destiny ~Gretchen K. Ulmer

New Jobs, Medicaid, Foodstamps and Hope

I will begin a new job November 10th, it will be a little more money at a different hospital and I will FINALLY be able to use my CPC credential! Currently I am in school to earn RHIT and CCS credentials which will open the door to more money, working from home and other possibilities…right now I am just excited to finally have the opportunity to gain coding experience. The pay increase means.. Read More



After struggling since the birth of our first child in 2009, we are giving up and declaring bankruptcy. We have been fighting the debt for years squeezing every penny out of every dollar…now we are tired and we are being sued. With a lawsuit comes a judgement and judgement brings a garnishment. I know these things don’t happen overnight, but, my husband and I made an agreement: as long as we were not.. Read More

Job Loss….hahaha PERFECT!


As you know I am the full-time worker and full-time student in our household. My husband was working a part-time job at a fast food restaurant (this was the job with the most flexibility which is needed as my work schedule has frequent changes being that I am in a supervisory position) after taxes and paying for a sitter two days per week his checks were about $220 every two weeks. Not a.. Read More

Crazy Life

My family and I moved almost a year ago. The contract we “had” fell through and we decided to start looking for jobs. My husband and I began sending out resumes and applications all over, we agreed the first one to land a job offer paying more than we were currently making would take the job no matter where that job may be. I got the job, so we moved. I worked for.. Read More

Fabulously Frugal: Homemade Citrus Hand Scrub

coconut oil hand scrub

I have always LOVED the hand/body scrubs from Bath and Body Works. However it is a non-essential item and from my current vantage point it is also a complete waste of money (pay-off debt/save money or purchase overpriced body scrub? I’ll take the former). Honestly the thought of body scrubs had not even crossed my mind in a very long time, until that is, my husband began working in the construction industry. He.. Read More

In the Middle of Surrender September…

Surrender September

Holy Hannah! August and the first half of September….totally crazy! My mom had two surgeries for carpal tunnel which led us to hosting family who were here to help (my mom’s business requires the use of her hands so naturally we were all helping out a bit). We live in a college town; as the students began their flood back to school my husband’s hours at his part-time serving job were cut drastically as.. Read More

Austere August: Mid-Point Blues

cutting expenses

Well, so far Austere August has been a bit of a flop, I mean…we have been much more resourceful but many circumstances have been working against us…. I decided to only line-dry our clothing throughout this month: it rained everyday for 10 days and on the days it rained there was so much humidity in the air I couldn’t even dry our clothes on the drying rack. Our laundry was building and building, I.. Read More

Austere August

austerity sign

To start I am super duper excited about this challenge! Starting today with Austere August we are going to work our way through the next 12 months getting progressively more “austere” as we go. Is it going to be tough? Yes. Will we want to quit? Possibly. Will it be worth the trouble? Absolutely! If we just push forward constantly keeping our eye on the prize, we will come out on the other.. Read More

Financial Update: August 1, 2013…a Little Less Debt


I know I promised my Financial Update Posts to appear…well….on the 1st. The situation is this: I now have that pesky escalating  One Year Challenge thing, I am bumping that (Austere August) to the 1st and my Financial Updates will occur on the last day of the month…there will not be any large financial gains between today and tomorrow so I don’t think it matters…other than it might look a little confusing. Oh well, this is my blog and.. Read More

A Challenge Issued…Can You Handle It?


  Is there anything in your life you desperately want? Anything you desperately need? Are there any goals you are striving to achieve? Is there anything you want or need so badly you would do something crazy to get it? Do you have any financially specific goals? If you were to reach or exceed your financial goal what sort of impact would it have on your life?   My challenge to you is this:.. Read More

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