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Our Massive Debt Load

******The income in this post has unfortunately dropped*****


Currently my husband and I have a goal to pay off our debt.





This is the same goal we have had for the past several years…okay, it is the goal I have had for several years, for my husband it has really only been a few years.


Way back in 2013 I wrote about our goal on this blog. I have since removed the posts related to paying off debt because…well…our income was so painfully low that paying off debt was really not our biggest issue.


Since the end of 2013 our focus has been increasing our income, here’s why: 2012 things started getting rough for us-income just under $20,000, 2013-income well under $20,000, 2014-income mid-20’s, 2015-income just over $30,000, 2016-should end up being just over $40,000 and 2017- if nothing changes and we have a full year of both of us working our current jobs, we should be at $53,000….at least this amount anyway, assuming my projections are correct as we do have a variable income. *****Unfortunately our income growth came to an end and as of today (3/26/17) our income is back down closer to upper 20’s lower 30’s******



In 2013 I would write about all the little bitty things we did to try to scrape by on as little as possible. We would usually end up with some tiny amount being applied to our MASSIVE debt which, at the time, was over $100,000 thanks in part to some medical bills. After writing about our attempt at paying down our debt and getting a small snippet of advice from Mr. MoneyMustache…we shifted our focus toward our income; because honestly, when you have a family of five and your income is hovering around $20,000…you’re in a bit of a crisis even without the debt.


So, we are finally making enough money to do more than just survive. 


Now some of you may be thinking, “Hey, you have a family of five, making $53,000 per year is not a lot.” My response to that is…sure, for your average family maybe not, for a family of five who has scraped the bottom…it is life changing.


Alright, back to the goal.


We have A TON of debt, though it is a little better than it was…we still have A TON of debt. As of today our total debt is $93,280! That’s a ton of debt, especially for our income level.



The Beginning of Our Journey



Our ultimate goal is financial independence…will we reach that point?…I don’t know. I do know that we will end up being much better off than we are today if we truly work toward that goal.


The first step is to pay off the debt.


I will be blogging about our life along this path toward debt freedom and I invite you to join us.


Also, if you are currently working with a low or very low income…just keep going. We went through two moves and a couple job changes in a few years in order place ourselves in a position of stability. Pulling yourself up out of that pit is not an easy task, but, if you refuse to accept the pit as your permanent residence you can do it.


Here we go, taking those first steps toward freedom and ultimately an overall life improvement.





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  1. cathy Eller cathy Eller

    I love your utube video’s. Your life makes mine seem normal. Things (bad) things just keep happening one right after the other. I’m racing trying to stay ahead of what disaster is going to happen next and doing without things that other people consider normal. It’s just my husband and I and we live on 28 thousand a year. I can’t seem to get my hubby to go along with saving money consistently. He saves until the disaster is over then spends until the next one. That means that no debt is being paid off right now. I love your video’s and would like to see more of them. It shows what “normal” is for lower income people. Thanks.

    • Julia Julia

      Thank you! That is so nice to hear…really it is. The reason I started doing the youtube videos is because I had a difficult time finding someone whose story I could really relate to. As far as your husband….been there done that. I was all about this whole finance thing long before my husband finally came around. The only thing I can maybe suggest is to create a budget that is a little loose as far as his personal spending money goes and talk A LOT about the hopes and dreams the two of you have.

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