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Dave Ramsey….You Win

Over the past few years my husband and I have been working to improve our finances

At this point in time we are trying to pay off our debt…which is pretty massive.

We have tried a variety of different methods with varying results.  I found a book written by Dave Ramsey years ago in our public library…I read it and fell in love with the idea of paying off all of our debt and becoming debt free.  Unfortunately, we haven’t always loved every aspect of Dave Ramsey’s baby steps.

The idea of not having a credit card AT ALL seemed purely ridiculous…how do you rent a car? What about online purchases? What about travel? What about…..You get the idea.

The idea of paying off debt while ignoring interest rate seemed asinine.  Why on earth would you pay for something having no interest rate before paying off something with a high rate?

The idea of ignoring retirement savings and ignoring the creation of a large emergency fund….CRAZY!

After years of failing we have determined that Dave Ramsey is right.  This whole money thing really is about behavior over math.

So there it is…Dave Ramsey we are throwing in the towel and following your plan…as hard as some of it is to swallow…we are going to follow the baby steps EXACTLY as you have laid out. If we fail…we fail…nothing will really be any worse than it is right now so why not go all in and really put forth the effort…after all, it has worked for a lot of other people

This is our official submission…we are going to stop trying to do things the “smart” way…we are going to do things the Dave Ramsey way.

Will we fail again? Will we succeed?  We will just have to wait and see.

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