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Get Out Of Debt Pantry Challenge 2016

My family is participating in a Dave Ramsey inspired pantry challenge.  In our quest to pay off our debt this is our latest activity.

I would venture to say most of us have extra food in the house that needs to be used up…in our cabinets….in our freezer…for the most part we have extra food.  The point of the pantry challenge is to put that food to use and boost your budget around the holidays.

The pantry challenge originated at  How you put your extra “found” money to use is entirely up to you. I do suspect most people could use a little extra around the holiday season.  The official pantry challenge starts October 1st and runs through Thanksgiving.

All you need to do is create an inventory and get started!

Here is a copy of my inventory:


Meat and Cheeses

4-Tilapia Filets

4-Swai Filets

1lb- Salmon Filets

8oz-immitation crab meat

12 lbs-hamburge

r4.5 lbs-Chicken Breasts

3-Whole Chickens

1-Whole Turkey

2.5 lbs-Turkey Bacon

1 lb-Morning Star Crumbles

27-1 1/2 C Bags Mozzarella Cheese

6 lbs- Cheese Tortellini

1-4oz can Tuna

1-14.75oz can Salmon

Vegetables and Fruit

10 bags- Mixed Vegetables

10 bags-Brocolli Florets

3 bags-Normandy Blend

2 bags-Northwest Blend

4-1lb bags Tropical Fruit

1-bag Green Beans

1-bag Peas

2 bags-Corn


6 lbs-Butter

8 cans-Sweetened Condesnsed Milk

5 cans-Evaporated Milk

7.5 lbs-Dry Milk


6 cans-Tomato Paste

3 cans- Crushed Tomatoes

21 cans-Diced Tomatoes

24 cans-Tomato Sauce

11 cans- Toms and Green Chiles

12 cans-Green Chiles

1- 6lb can Tomato Sauce

1-28oz can Green Enchilada Sauce

1-10oz can Green Enchilada Sauce

1- can Refried Beans

1 can-Sauerkrau

t2 cans-Vegetable Broth

9 cans-Chicken Broth

1-Box Vegetable Broth

4- Boxes Chicken Broth

5 cans-Cream of Mushroom Soup

2 Cans-Tomato Soup

7 cans- Coconut Milk

2 cans- Pumpkin

3 cans-Mandarin Oranges

2 cans-Pineapple


26 cubes-Chicken Boullion

3 cubes-Beef Boullion

4lbs- Great Northern Beans

3lbs- Kidney Beans

2lbs- Red-Split Peas

3lbs-Black Eyed Peas

2 lbs- Chick Peas

1 lb- Lima Beans

6.9 lbs- Lentils

4.5 lbs- Pinto Beans

6 lbs- Black Beans

10oz- Bread Crumbs

4 lbs- Elbow Macaroni

2lbs- Fettucine

1 lb-Linguine

3lbs-Angel Hair

1 package-Lasagna

2 lbs- Small Shell Macaroni

1 lb- Large Shell Macaroni

2 lbs-Penne Rigate

9lbs- Brown Rice

3 Packages-Yellow Rice

5 lbs-Jasmine Rice

1.9 lbs Pearled Barley

5 lbs-Cornmeal

1-5lb bag Whole Wheat Flour

3 C-Steel Cut Oats

11 packs-Instant Oatmeal

2-Vanilla Cake Mixes

1-Yellow Cake Mix

2-Lemon Cake Mixes

5 lbs-Powdered Sugar

14oz-Dark Brown Sugar

9lbs-Light Brown Sugar

7oz Bag-Coconut

36oz-Cocoa Powder

1 1/4- 11oz packages Granola

2.3 lbs-Raisins

2.14 lbs-Craisins

14.4 oz-Flaxseed

1 package-Cook and Serve Chocolate Pudding

1 Package-Cook and Serve Lemon Pudding

64oz-Peanut Butter

1-17.6 oz Wow Butter

48oz Jar-Grape Jelly

1 package-Mushroom Gravy Mix

1 Bottle Ortega Sauce

44 oz-Syrup

2-40oz Bottles BBQ Sauce

1-16oz bottle light corn syrup

7-Taco Shells

20 small Flour Tortillas

Wheat Bread- 4 1/2 Loaves

6lbs-Pecans in the Shell

Wheat English Muffins-7

Sourdough English Muffins-6

Box of Ritz Crackers


5 gallon bucket Bread Flour

1/3 5 gall bucket pancake mix

1/3 5 gallon bucket white rice

1/2 5 gallon bucket white sugar

1/2 5 gallon bucket all-purpose flour

1/3 5 gallon bucket old-fashioned oats


If you would like to join in the challenge you can participate here, on youtube or at


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  1. Alan Alan

    Prudent. Follow Dave as you state here. The journey is long and will suck many days. But debt free is worth it. Go see Dave at a live event if one is near you. Take FPU. Go for it. Your kids will make it worth the journey. I have been there too.

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