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About Me

My name is Julia. I live in Missouri with my husband and our three small children.

. We are presently living in a defining moment in time. ¬†After living with poverty level income while having a smothering amount of debt for over four years…we are FINALLY stable. Our income is still not fantastic, but, we are now able to breathe.

Our main focus at this time is working to make sure the past never repeats itself. In order to do this we have established a few goals

Pay off debt

Complete Education

Increase income and begin investing

While working toward our goals I will be writing about frugality, lifestyle changes, going after your heart’s desire, family; and, most importantly, finding joy in all circumstances. Our need for change, inspiration and accountability is my purpose for writing…also, I need an outlet.

I hope you join us on our journey.

With love,



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