Things Have Been Changing…

Things have been changing at a fairly rapid pace around here. The contract we thought we would start in the fall fell through; this left us looking at each other saying, “Now what?” We decided at that time we probably needed to move. We had been trying to make things work in Columbia for years and had made no headway.  In October my husband and I decided we would both start sending out resumes and applications to any company paying more than what we were currently making.

I was the one who got the job.

In November we moved from Columbia to Springfield. Our income, so far, has increased by $7,000 per year while our cost of living has dropped by over $4,000 per year. That is basically an $11,000 raise!!

I also wanted to write a post letting you know that things around the blog will be changing as well. I am no longer a stay-at-home-parent so the themes of some of the posts will likely change, my husband and I have set some very specific goals we would like to achieve so we will be steering the blog in that direction. My youngest sister is jumping on board with many of our goals, though she has her own way of achieving those goals for herself, so; she will be writing posts for the blog on a regular basis very soon. My husband may also begin contributing from time to time as well.

In the upcoming weeks be looking for new posts, new contributors, a new look and a clear direction!

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